Kurume University

Kurume University was established as a Kyushu medical school in 1928, and it came into being with the establishment of the Faculty of Commerce.At present, it has developed as a comprehensive private university, and it consists of 6 faculties with 13 departments,4 graduate schools and 19 research centers.

We have 2 campuses, 2 hospitals, a high school and a junior high school in Kurume city.

Kurume University Asahi-machi Campus Kurume University Mii Campus

About Kurume University

Kurume University has two campuses in Kurume City.

The Asahi-machi Campus is older and is situated on the south bank of the Chikugo River. This campus houses the Graduate School of Medicine, School of Medicine, University Hospital, School of Medical Technology and 9 research centers.

The Mii Campus is located in Mii-machi in the eastern part of Kurume City, and houses five faculties (Literature, Human Health, Law, Economics, Commerce), three graduate schools (Comparative Studies of International Culture and Societies, Psychology, Business Administration) and 11 research centers.

Organization Chart

Organization Chart